Metalworking and mechanical engineering

We manufacture large and complex metal products and metal constructions. Besides quality, flexible terms and innovative solutions, we see prompt delivery from design to installation as one of our advantages as well. This is what our satisfied clients in Nordic countries value.

Modern technology

The company continuously invests in modern cutting, bending and mechanical metalworking machinery, from CNC machines to hand-operated machines.

Large sizes are no limit

Besides production equipment, the company has three production halls (3200 m2), 2200 m2 of which is covered by bridge cranes with a load capacity of 4.9t and 3.2t.

Quality finish

In our large painting area we carry out high-pressure paint jobs and add a high-quality finishing touch to our products.

From product development to installation

Our service covers the entire process, providing clients with convenience and saving them a substantial amount of time. Our service includes product development, design, strength analysis, CNC plasma and gas cutting, welding, bending, sandblasting, painting, assembly and installation.

Open for services

We offer plasma- and gas-cutting and bending services as well.
With plasma-cutting, the maximum thickness of the metal sheet is 40 mm. It is 200 mm with gas cutting and 150 mm with perforation. Our workbench measures 2000 × 6000 mm.
The maximum capacity of a bending workbench is 130 metric tons, while the maximum bend length is 3340 mm.